Where can you find Oitenta´s products?

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So, you don´t know where can you find Oitenta´s products? … Let us tell you, so you don´t have any excuse to buy your original gifts these holidays ;)

If you are reading this, you are (obviously) in our website! that, by the way, it´s an on-line store… our on-line store!  Therefore, as our first and resounding answer.. you can find Oitenta´s products right where you are!

But also, we are present on marketplaces such as:

  1. Etsy.com The biggest hand made on-line marketplace. We opened our store last march and we haven´t stopped ever since, growing and using Etsy as our biggest and main selling point.  It´s target is mainly USA, Canada and United Kingdom. We had orders from many points of the USA, such iconic places as Beverly Hills, The Bronx, San Francisco, New York.. to Vancouver or Texas. It´s very exciting to know that there is a little piece of Oitenta in all those, and many more, places.
  2. Crowdyhouse.com It´s a dutch marketplace, specialized on design objects, emerging designers and independent creators. We´ve been collaborating with them for almost 6-7 months and we are very proud to have shipped orders to Northern Europe (Norway, Netherlands, Sweden) or our furthest order ever, from Manila (Philippines).
  3. Amazon Handmade. The giant of on-line shopping has opened its european doors to handmade. It´s still beginning but, being Amazon, we needed to be in! and there we are, as Featured artisans :) We are still updating our space inside Handmade at Amazon but it´s running!
  4. Monoqi.  The past march they contacted us, we were very excited because we were fans, so we agreed on collaborating with them in a flash sale, even though we were still learning and starting to sale… we did a very successful sales campaign with lots of orders that exceeded all our expectations. For those of you who don´t know Monoqi, they are a lifestyle, fashion and design curated marketplace from Berlin. They create 1 week flash sales campaings with many brand around the world and we were selected by them… we are looking forward to repeat! :)
  5. Qrator.com It´s defined as a marketplace of modern art and design. It´s from the U.K and we have a small part of our catalogue uploaded.
  6. Tock Nock. An on-line store dedicated to wooden objects where you can find some of our products.

Step by step, we are uploading our product catalogue to all marketplaces and opening new doors for our products. We´ll keep you posted!

If you own a design store and you are interested on our products, please contact us!

If you know some design store owner that may be interested on our products, please introduce us!


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