As an independent product design studio

as well as developing our own products available in our points of sale, we offer different services to those design lovers searching for custom-made solutions for their needs; people who share our views on work and life.
These services are:

What we do

Product customization / Custom design

We create special objects that blend our views on design with traditional craftsmanship because we like to work with our hands, and because in this way we come up with objects for people who value originality. We want these objects to really connect with you, and you to relate with our work style and feel like part of the process. This is why we love to hear your ideas and unique requests, so that you can make objects your own. Together we will create unique and original objects that will be with you on your daily life.

In order to build objects that suit your needs and taste as a team, it is essential that we share thoughts and ideas. Are you up for it?

Read this article in our blog for more info.

Product design services

We design and create special objects for individuals and professionals who love design and the originality provided by artisanal manufacturing; objects which reflect our views on design and Oitenta’s philosophy. We love working with companies and professionals from creative fields who share those values and seek custom-made solutions for their projects.

We produce made-to-order objects which adapt to the specific needs of every project. Our modern design runs hand in hand with traditional handcraft production, allowing us to engrave and personalize objects for custom-made orders. We collaborate with design studios, interior designers, architects and decoration professionals. We design and create custom-made corporate gifts for companies which choose to leave a mark and surprise their clients with a special, original present.