Together we can make custom and unique objects that fit your own style

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Put your creative mind to work, together we can make that unique object that fit your own style.

At Oitenta, we design and handcraft objects for the everyday life, the home and leisure time of people like you, design lover, who are looking for brands to which they can relate; brands that will cater for their needs, and which share their worldview and values like sustainability, environmental consciousness and responsible consumerism.

Thanks to e-commerce we are able to reach people in any corner of the world and communicate with you in real time, which allows our clients to take part in the creative process. We can swiftly answer your doubts and, more importantly, you can share your own ideas with us. Nobody better than you to know what you want, and we hope that our work inspires you to turn to us to help you with your needs. Together we will produce unique personalized objects and ship them anywhere in the world.

As a teenager, I remember watching the surfeiros (surfers) carrying their custom boards along the beach with my jaw dropped. They stood out because they lacked any recognizable brand logo, and were unlike any other in their shapes and details. From a teenager’s perspective, those boards were the magical objects that gave pro surfers superhuman abilities: the reason behind their greatness. Needless to say, it was my dream (and still is!) to own a custom board.

Custom products are tailor-made objects

totally handcrafted, and personalized for each client, who requests what they want starting off from a design from our catalogue. Some of our online points of sale, like our Etsy store, are especially thought to allow and facilitate custom made orders. And so is our own website, which you are visiting right now!

Working hand in hand with our clients we personalize almost any object, adapting to every need and personal taste. In this way, by remaining true to our essence, we can create objects that fit each of our clients’ own style, making them unique.

Custom vintage floating nightstand

Starting off from our designs, sizes, colors, dyes and even materials can be adapted to suit our clients’ preferences. Thanks to some of our customers’ creativity we have even combined different designs to come up with new objects as special as the people for which we create them.

Our view of design as the fusion of functionality, appearance and emotions, together with our craftsmanship results in unique objects thought for special people.

Put your creative mind to work and contact us, together we can make that unique object that fit your own style.


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