We are launching Splat! A multipurpose silicone object to protect the delicate surfaces in your home

An old-new project we are launching as a Make100 Kickstarter campaign. Our first work with plaster molds and silicone

Splat! is a rubber object created to protect the delicate surfaces in your home from bumps, scratches or burns. But it is much more than a trivet or a coaster that you place to prevent your warm tea from burning your living room’s vintage table while you read your favorite book.

With Splat! you can also protect the floor and your furniture’s wooden legs; you can avoid the mark that leaves your bike’s kickstand or you can use it to prevent the stool made by your brother-in-law to limp.

It is born from an idea that I had 5-6 years ago, when I was looking to create an object that would serve as an example of my design talent in front of international design firms dedicated to creating gadgets and accessories. I made several versions, captured in rendered images, and some very simple but functional prototypes, which I keep with love.

Posavasos de silicona

The project was in standby mode for years until the end of 2019, when I decided to relaunch it. I had to learn how to work with handmade molds, silicone and casting process, something I´ve always wanted to do… and this was the perfect occasion.

Splat’s design is based on the comicbooks and cartoons of my childhood. When a character received a blow that would normally be catastrophic but at the next scene, the problem was solved with just a bandage strip. That band aid covered the wound and the cartoon was on course.

Splat posavasos y salvamanteles de silicona

Splat posavasos y salvamanteles de silicona Splat posavasos y salvamanteles de silicona Splat posavasos y salvamanteles de silicona

As an homage to that, I designed Splat!, a multifunctional preventive product, hand casted using platinum silicone as a durable, flexible and high temperature resistant material, and I decided to make it in two sizes, a small one called lowercase and a large one called Uppercase, resembling its “X” shape and the size code of typographies. It’s available in four colors, achieved using pigments mixed carefully to create a color bright color palette.

I made several 3D modellings till the final version, that I used to make 3d printed masters, from which to create the plaster molds to cast the silicone Splats. In a short time I gained enough experience to test pigments and the large sized mold and made the final prototypes, calculated costs and how I was going to introduce the products, packaging, shipping costs etc … and now, finally, this old project sees the light!

If you liked this story and you want to get a Splat, support the project on Kickstarter, and get your Limited Edition Splat in return! Go check it out!



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