Taboo wooden stool

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Taboo was one of our first product design projects (although this is a re-design of the original product) which main value is to be a useful, simple and durable product.

Taburete Taboo

This is a piece of occasional furniture that, therefore, is thought to help us when we need, not being around when we don´t. We all needed home accessories in certain times, accessories that we´d eventually hate because of not knowing what to do with them when not needed.

That´s why we designed Taboo to be a detachable product, very simple design and clean, natural and with no surface finishing.
It´s easily assembled and it doesn´t require screws, nails or any other piece. In fact, this was the first design objective.

Other than as a stool, it can be used as coffee table or whatever your mind can imagine for a beautiful, natural wood small surface.


Measure: 40 x 40 x 44 cm

Materials: Pine wood.

FInishing: Natural oil.


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