Social networks photography competition #OBJECTSARENOTJUSTTHINGS – Win a two planters set pack

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Participate in our social networks photography competition #OBJECTSARENOTJUSTTHINGS and win a two concrete planters set pack.


Oitenta´s  motto is “Objects are not just things” because we believe that well designed objects are more than simply stuff. Like a planter hosting life in it, the tricycle with which kids made their first scratches, your childhood´s playmobils you used to let your imagination fly as high as the moon, the far west or treasure hunting… we all have objects that are special because what they mean, what they evoke or because how we use them.

That´s why we are proposing you this challenge. We want you to send us pictures of your favorite objects.

Those objects that have a special spot in your home, those you don´t let collect dust or those that, even though you are not using them any more, you resist to throw away.

Among all the participants, we wil select two winners that will win a set pack consisting in two white concrete planters, as those seen in the pictures, that they will get free of charge. One of the winners will be selected randomly and the other will be chosen following a simple criteria… the one we like most! because its originality, image quality and the story behind the image.

This competition is open to participants all around the world and the terms are the following:

  1. Follow us on facebook (click here) and/or on Instagram (click here).
  2. Publish your picture in your facebook or instagram personal profile, with a brief descriptio, explaining why you chose your object. Mention us on this publishing using our user on any of those social networks.
  3. Use the hashtag #OBJECTSARENOTJUSTTHINGS to identify your participation.
  4. Competition starts at 09.00h thursday september 1st 2016 and it ends at 23:59h sunday september 11th 2016 (UTC)
  5. Winners will be announced along the next week and we will send one two planters set pack to each winner totally free of any charge.
  6. You can send up to 3 different images, always following previous publishing indications.

Help us spread the word, share this post with your friends! In case you have any question regarding this competition, please contact us

Kind regards and good luck!