Regaliz seatings design

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This is a project made a few years ago for an international design competition organized by Designboom in collaboration with an italian furniture manufacturer.

As we always do in this kind of competitions, we usually use as an excuse to design ideas more freely. Having this creative freedom to create some piece of furniture, we decided to make a twist on seats design.

Sillas Regaliz

We thought that it would be funny to unify two basic things in a chair, as they are the seat and the back, in one unique shape and one piece. We had to think about a geometrical shape that would be able to build this piece without loosing comfort or design quality.

The geometrical shape we chose to build our design propoesal, was the spiral, with a subtle deformation to make it a 3D shape that would build the back. We used licorice rolls to build our first mock-ups and this is why we tried to recall those in the aesthetic design and the product name.

We used the concept to build the back and the seats and we used different basis to build a wide seating product range.

Regaliz seatings


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