Readme. Handmade Portable Book Rack

Your favorite reads always at hand

Readme is a minimalistic and functional object designed to help you creating a reading corner wherever you are. A portable book rack, inspired by cloth hangers, that you can attach anywhere there is a nail, screw, wall hook or even a doorknob.

Readme is light, portable and durable and it mixes minimalistic design with the warmth of wood and the authenticity of a handmade object.

The perfect match for those of us who love reading. Wheter you like novels, comic books and graphic novels or trend magazines, Readme will help you to have them at your fingertips.

Readme is handmade from natural wood veneers and that allows me to customize its aesthetics to fit your personal tastes. That´s why this special collection comes in two editions.

Natural. Oak wood finished carefully by hand with transparent wax to nurture, protect and enhance wood beauty.

Classic. Oak wood, stained with a natural walnut tint, made from walnut shells and water, and finished by hand with transparent wax, to achieve that vintage looking.

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