Montelouro. Silicone smartphone stand


A really useful accessory for everyday situations.

Montelouro is handmade one by one, in our workshop ,using high quality silicone rubber. A material we choose for its impressive characteristics such as durability, strength and easy cleaning, for its ethereal appearance and, fundamentally, for its softness and flexibility.


All of these are properties that seem very important to us for an object to be used for daily life, by all the family in everyday situations. When you are enjoying your esteemed device for watching a movie, following a new baking recipe, making a videocall with your boss or simply allowing yourself a break and disconnecting from the screen for a while.

  • Size:
    Length: 13cm
    Witdh: 9 cm
    Height: 7 cm
  • Material:
    Silicone rubber
  • Colors:

Carefully crafted by hand and finished with a lot of love and care in our studio based in A Coruña (Spain). Made to order. If you want customizations, please contact us.

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