Elegant rustic wood desk organizer with drawer


Elegant and classic rustic wood desk organizer designed to be useful, versatile and durable and to help you organize your desk with style.

A perfect gift for those who need help with organization!

Made of solid and local chestnut wood, stained with a homemade natural walnut tint, crafted carefully and finished with wax applied by hand to nurture and hightlight the wood natural beauty.

This office desk organizer includes a pen holder for your drawing and writing tools, a special space for your mobile device or your moleskine notebook, a soft tray made of a thick gray felt sheet to accomodate delicate objects and a front drawer to store and organize smaller objects, chargers, usb cables, etc.

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Length: 29 cm / 11.5″
Witdh: 11 cm / 4.3″
Height: 7 cm/ 2.75″

Chestnut wood

Waltnut natural tint and natural wax

Carefully crafted by hand and finished with a lot of love and care in our studio based in A Coruña (Spain). Made to order. If you want customizations, please contact us.

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