Capucha Origami Wood & Paper Table lamp


Capucha lamp is Oitenta´s newest product but it´s a project in wich I´ve been working for quite some time. It´s inspired in Origami folding paper art and 3D polygonal design.

The design and development process involved was hard and long, also frustrating some times. But finally I reached a stable, strong and clean geometry.

Using birch veneer and premium paper, I created an elegant, innovative yet warm object that will both decorate and illuminate anywhere it´s placed at home.

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Capucha lamp is made from flat materials as paper and birch veneer. The process begins with cutting all the parts of the lamp both paper parts and wood parts separately. I mark the folds on the paper and I give the finish to the wood by hand.

All the parts are glued together still in flat and under preasure and then comes the magic! moving from a flat piece to a volume.

The lightbulb is pointed diagonally down to the surface, providing direct illumination, perfect for reading, working, writing etc. but it also provides ambient indirect lighting.


– Dimensions –

28H x 17W 17L cm / 11″H x 6.7″W x 6.7″L

Textile cord length: 1,8 m / 70.8″

It´s shipped assembled in a strong cardboard package and it includes a white globe energy-saving lightbulb and the textile cord includes UE standard plug but I can add an adapter to match your country´s standards.


– Customizations –
The listed price is applicable to the product as seen in the pictures but I can customize the following things, on request:

– Wood type (Oak, Walnut, Beech…)
– Paper color
– Textile cord
– Painting

This fine object is handmade on demand and it takes me 1-2 weeks depending on workload.

We ship worldwide.

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