Ouch! Protect your furniture´s surfaces.

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The same way band aids protect our skin and the small wounds we make, avoiding dirt and preventing them from re-opening, we thought that furniture should have the right to have their its own protectors to prevent scratches, burns, etc… Ouch! protect your furniture´s surfaces To concentrate all those functions in one product, we dimension it within a coaster and a trivet, making one unique Ouch! universal model. About the aesthetic inspiration, when we where kids we saw in comic books how when some character got hurt, instantly, in the following vignette, it appears with a band aid cross… so we wanted that comic book concept for our producto. Funny, useful and evocative. Ouch! protect your furniture´s surfaces for Ouch! to be a polyvalent protector it needs to tolerate high temperatures, it has to be strong and durable and easy to clean. That´s why we developed our design in a rubber like material. A Polyurethane polymer.


Measures: 120 x 120 x 4 mm

Materials: Polyurethane elastomer.

Finishing: Various colors.


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