One product, one story. ISOSCELES handmade, minimalistic laptop stand

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ISOSCELES comes from an old product design I developed a few years ago, that it’s still in my studio’s cataloge, as you can see in the following pictures.

It was already a simple design itself, plus an adjustable and customizable laptop stand, but it was a more common object. I wanted to go further in simplicity, in aesthetics and also (maybe even more important) in the making process. The previous design was made of two pieces but, at the same time, those were also made of three pieces. That involved glue and screws and the more pieces something has, more possibilities to break or fail.

The first thing I decided when thinking of ISOSCELES, was the material I’d be using, birch plywood as I explained in an instagram post. I liked its natural “industrial” beauty and the material properties (structural stability, density, weight, etc)

I always design my products, following a fundamental premise, that I can make them myself with my means and tools.

At that time, the next question was, How do I make this object even simpler? Less parts wasn’t enough, I needed to remove one leg. Three legs are enough. The triangle is the most basic shape to build a surface, it’s a strong structure. I thought of a way to build a stable triangle using two pieces, with a joining hinge and a bevel cut.

Finally I designed the stand’s shape to be minimalistic but strong, stable and adaptable both for small and big laptops (I used a 17″ laptop and a 15,4″ for the pictures).

Isosceles development prototypes

This is ISOSCELES story, not as brief as I thought when writing the title, but I hope that interesting.

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