One product, one story. From floating shelf to custom design

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I told the story of my first handcrafted object, the concrete smartphone and tablet stand, and how it helped me to begin selling my objects online, you can read the full story here.

This is the story of the next object, that also had a great impact on my work, in an unexpected way. It  started as an idea, in 2016. A simple solution for a common situation that I thought was not resolved and that could be of some interest.

The approach was: there are certain points on home’s walls that are underused, those points are switch plates. They populate our homes conditioning us when it comes to placing our furniture or decorating our rooms. They could be much more useful than they are, I’ll leave aside aesthetics, which depends on each one’s likes.

I decided to design my solution to this, creating a simple and minimalistic object that, in a small space, would serve as a cover for the ugly switch plates, a self, a charging station for mobile devices and a drawer for your personal belongings. That’s how the floating shelf was born.

Modern wood floating nightstand Modern wood floating nightstand Modern wood floating nightstand

As I mentioned in my previous post “I decided to start designing new objects that should reflect my way of understanding design and, at the same time, that I myself should be able to craft.” I was learning how to work with pine wood with just a few tools, so I designed a simple object with a natural finishing and no flourishes, with just a touch of color with the cord handle and an elastic band as an accessory to add more organizational capacity.

From the beginning this product sold well and it had quite an impact, as this post on the huge blog Design Milk shows.

I quickly gained experience making of this product, that I enjoy a lot making and, it marked the beginning of two angles of work, that I didn’t think about, but that I now have in mind, always, when I make a new object:

  1. People will probably think of new uses for a product, not foreseen by the designer. That happens all the time. This object was the first one that opened this door, because a lot of people buy this to use it as a floating nightstand. This idea, leads directly to the following:
  2. Custom design. Many people love to be inspired by design, that’s why they browse on-line in places like Pinterest. They know they need something very specific that is possibly not available as they have in mind. Finding something they like is the beginning of a beautiful process, that involves a fluid communication, and result in a custom tailor made object, that result to be perfect for a particular situation or a personal taste, a specific home decoration, or a small space.

The floating shelf marked the beginning of custom design projects, that I love and enjoy every time and that they bring unexpected requests, new objects and  happy customers who share with me pictures like these:

One product, one story. From floating shelf to custom design One product, one story. From floating shelf to custom design One product, one story. From floating shelf to custom design One product, one story. From floating shelf to custom design

I hope you like this story! thank you for reading, you can find more “One object, one story” posts, here!


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