One product, one story. Concrete stand for mobile devices

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In January 2016 I was working as a freelance graphic and web designer, after a failed first attempt to launch my own products (Oitenta 1.0). I had been working this way for two years in which I learned a lot working with entrepreneurs, agencies and sharing a coworking space with other freelancers. Everything was fine, even though I am not made to work without my appreciated creative freedom.

I was earning enough to start thinking of personal projects and casually, someone told me about Etsy as a place to sell handmade objects. I already knew that marketplace, but I’d always thought that it was a platform for other types of products. But I decided it was time to try again, and try hard.

I’d never before thought of making objects by hand since I had no expertise or technical means, but I was willing to do my best.

I decided to start designing new objects that should reflect my way of understanding design and, at the same time, that I myself should be able to craft.

I don’t remember why exactly I decided to make a smartphone stand but it has something to do with the fact that I love to redesign objects that already seem to have no more twist.

One product, one story. Concrete stand for mobile devices

My first goal was to make a universal stand, adaptable for different devices, tablets and smartphones. That was the twist I was looking for. I needed a very specific geometry to solve that in a small object ( I am a fan of two universal concepts in design: “Less is more” and “Form follows function”) So I spend many hours drawing, sketching and making paper models.

Since I had a very specific conditioning regarding technical means and craftsmanship expertise, I conceived the stand to be made in wood, but I quickly discarded the idea because I wasn’t going to be able to make it. I needed an easier and more accessible material and I thought about concrete. I had already seen Youtube videos about how to make concrete pots. The decision was made. I ordered a 3d printed mold (the one I still use after 3 years and more than 200 stands made) and I made a few prototypes.

Making of concrete mobile devices stand
Making of concrete stand for mobile devices
One product, one story. Concrete stand for mobile devices

This was my first object as a designer & maker. It was fully handmade and homemade since my kitchen was my workshop for a long time!

I was instantly in love with it but never thought it was going to be so successful, because it looked weird. I made a few homemade photos with a white background and natural light and I uploaded it to my empty Etsy shop. It was my first sale, it went to Vancouver (Canada) on March 20th 2016. That day I decided that I was ready to try even harder.

Since then I made a lot of concrete stands and it’s by far my best selling object. I received many custom orders asking me to stamp a logotype in it, to paint it in copper, to combine different concrete types to make a marble like finishing.. and it helped me to learn a lot about the material and the pouring technique.

One product, one story. Concrete stand for mobile devices

Every special object has its own story.

The concrete mobile devices stand is available for purchase in my shop. You can find it here!

I hope you like this story! thank you for reading, you can find more “One object, one story” posts, here!



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