One object, one story. Curving wood to make a lamp

As I say sometimes, I became a maker by necessity, and this may be the example that best reflects it. Let’s go back to 2016.

I love curved wood, I think that its flexibility is one of the more interesting properties of wood and what makes it so special. I know an expert in wood bending, Jorge Carril, and by then I was beginning to collaborate with him, we work together developing other products, such as the Wooden Watchbox and the Eira Furniture Family.

Curved wood lamp design sketches

I started making sketches, as I usually do. Mostly curved shapes, “S” that I thought that could be part of a lamp, easy to make and beautiful because of its simplicity. Curved wood was all I was going to need, but then appeared the difficulties that we, small business, face quite regularly, the manufacturing costs for small orders was almost the sale price I had in mind for the lamp. Jorge made the first prototype, but I needed to reduce cost. I was going to learn how to bend wood.

I found a local shop where I could buy wood in small quantities and I started watching youtube videos on steam bending wood, it seems easy (it isn’t) but I didn’t had the tools.. so I made them totally DIY.

In my home’s kitchen, using the stoves and a pot, I started doing tests with chestnut wood, breaking boards, burning my hands and braking more boards… until I got it. Now I can bend the lamp parts with almost a 100% success rate. Still a “home made” method that I now enjoy a lot, because it is slow, peaceful and it reminds me of those first steps. I made some molds to shape wood exactly the way I wanted. There are some rules that need to be followed and wood will show its natural beauty!

The first lamps I made had some stability issues because they were too light, the geometry was too vertical and the base wasn’t big enough.

First curved wood lamp model

I perfected the design and the making, the lamps evolved in these years, as I did, and they are now one of my favorite objects. I am proud of the process that involved its developing and I know that is an object that people like and it receives many compliments, so it’s very special to make it and think of it in its new home, somewhere.

Midcentury Edison wood table lamp

They are available in several finishing, you can find all of them here.

Also, here it is a gallery of some of them, click the pictures to view the full product description.

Modern table lamp Vintage wood table lamp

modern wood Nordic table lamp

I hope you like this story! thank you for reading, you can find more “One object, one story” posts, here!



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