Montelouro. Ceramic stand for the mobile devices

Where technology meets nature

Montelouro is an adaptable stand for the mobile devices you love so well which will also bring out the memory of that place that nestles within you. That place where humans and technology merge in a friendly, beautiful and constructive dialogue.

A union that opens a new horizon of possibilities.

The stand will be there for you from the moment you wake up and until you go to sleep: there for you when you are communicating, cooking a meal, or even when you want to forget it all for an instant.

Not just to make your life easier, but more real.

As real as the ceramic of which it is made, the artisan who elaborates it, the traditional process from which it stems.

As real as the hills which inspired its design, and the best moments of my childhood, which remind me that we all need to surround ourselves with the things that make us feel good; that not all has to be symmetry, asepsis, perfection, but that everything must be human.

After all, no matter how much technology advances, that is all we are. Right?