Meet ISOSCELES. The simplest laptop stand live on Kickstarter Make 100

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ISOSCELES is my newest project. My third campaign on Kickstarter and the second Make 100, which is a special program for small limited edition projects promoted by Kickstarter only on during January, each year. Both projects I made, were successfully funded, so I’m very excited with this one!

ISOSCELES is 100% handmade in my new studio’s workshop, with my own hands and it is my proposal to redesign a common object.

Laptop stands solve a problem that occurs when we use our laptop as a desktop computer. The screen is too low and that leads us to a bad posture and back pain. You may not use a laptop stand, but you probably should.

There are a lot of laptop stands out there but, like I said, “I love facing the design of a common product and finding a solution that results in a unique and original object “.

This is why I made ISOSCELES. Take a look at the following  video and you’ll get a better view on the project.



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