Mamut plate rack

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For a long time we´ve had an idea lurking in our heads that we didn´t find a convincing solution for. It is about solving a problem of functionality and space in kitchen, a product that serves to drain the dishes and cutlery after washing them. We assume that the one who does the dishes by hand, is mostly young, single or a young couple without kids, but in any case, with one thing in common, the lack of space. Therefore we consider important that this product design was essential, it should be adapted to the needs of the user at any time and occupy the less possible space.

We went through several designs before the final, as was the Caterpillar model, silicone, a flexible plate rack that could adapt its shape to the space available in the kitchen. However this project required development processes that hinder much, its viability. Then we went through a process of adapting the caterpillar model to a easier industrialization process, a flexible product becoming one articulated. The concept was the same, the drainer adapt its shape to the available space in the kitchen.
Mamut platerack

In this final design model, we called Mamut, we abandon the ideas of flexible or articulated… and we chose telescopic concept to develop. That´s, a product that can shrink within itself. we began developing it to be able to hold plates of different sizes and in an acceptable amount for a conventional plate rack. By adding the option of storing cutlery, this reminded us an elephant horn … and then we had our concept. Mamut representing father, mother and baby elephant Three plate racks, which can shrink or extend themselves according to your need.


Measures: 13 x 26 x 13 cm

Materials: 3 mm lacquered aluminum.


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