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Our Eira collection is a growing line of high end design furniture we have developed in collaboration with Jorge Carril, a friend and a craftsman. Jorge is an expert wood bender and we have worked hand in hand on the design and development of this collection of which we are so proud, and which so well represents our working philosophy.

The collection was born with the Eira Chair in 2012. Originally conceived as a candidate for a design competition, this piece is the perfect example of Oitenta’s style. Its form stems from the original idea: creating a comfortable chair which felt like a cushioned armchair using only wood. The cushion-like feeling one gets from the seat and the back is allowed by wood’s flexibility. The wood planks adapt their form to your weight, making this the perfect chair for a reading afternoon.

From that key concept we set the design, chose the materials and developed the Eira Chair: an original piece that combines the authenticity of artisanal process with the warmth of the wood and its design’s timeless style, which reaches beauty through concept and function.

Eira Lounge Chair Eira Lounge Chair

Working hand in hand with Jorge in his workshop in Maianca, Mera (A Coruña) we put the final touches to the design and develop the techniques to fabricate this one-of-a-kind chair.

A large vacuum machine sucks the air making a long elastic board adapt to the shape of a wooden mold which rests on a surface, much like plastic thermoforming machines. This technique allows Jorge to shape each Eucalyptus plank individually, in order to later give them their final form, and finally assemble the chair through a complex and delicate process.

Eira Furniture collecion making process Eira Furniture collecion making process Eira Furniture collecion making process

For some years we held the project on standby, but not forgotten; and we kept coming up with sketches and ideas to expand the Eira Collection. Finally, in early 2017 we started developing the new members of the family.

The Eira Coffee Table and the Eira Bench/Side Table/TV Table are two items thought to match the chair in a timeless style living room. Just like the chair, they are thought for everyday life, and designed to last a lifetime.

The table was designed to be at the center of the room. Its size comes from the use of five planks of curved wood which create the wide rectangular surface.

In its lower part there is a tray which holds the planks together, but also works as a container to stow any kind of objects.

Eira Coffee Table Eira Coffee Table

The bench/side table is the other piece of the collection. Versatile and timeless, it is a must in the design of any contemporary living room. It can be used as a bench in the bedroom, the hall or dressing room; as a side table for any room, or even as a TV table, as it has ample space in the lower shelf to place all types of electronic devices.

Eira Dressing Room Bench Eira Dressing Room Bench Eira Console table

Both items seek to optimize the process, using the same molds and sharing pieces, which made the development easier, and the whole elaboration process more efficient.

The curved laminated Eucalyptus planks tie all the items in the collection together, creating a very special line of furniture. A great future awaits the Eira Collection.


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