Making of Readme Hanging Book Rack. Part 2 – Molding parts

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This is the second of a series of Making of posts. You can read the first part here.

The molds are made, in this case I dedided to use a four part mold and I did three molds to speed up production.

The next step is to mold Readme’s parts.

Oak and ash veneers are come in large rolls that I cut carefully to the desired dimensions. Once the veneers are ready, I glue the seven layers in a custom made plywood sandwich made of three ash and four oak layers.

I need to move fast and put the parts into the molds. Readme parts are “U” shaped and both parts can be mold together since the outher one is like the bigger sister of the inner part.

In the pictures below, this process can be seen clearly!

Soon, the next step of this making process! Thank you for reading :)

If you are interested in this objects, here you will find more information.

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