Making of Readme Hanging Book Rack. Part 1 – Custom Mold Making

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Readme is a totally handmade object, a portable hanging book rack made to help you to have your favorite readings always at your fingertips.

This object design is based on functionality and simplicity, we wanted this to be a very useful and versatile object, the result of varios prototypes and thorough thinking.

It´s made of two parts linked together and able to rotate, this way they can hold books. Each part is made of a 7-layer sandwich of think oak and ash veneers, shaped using custom handmade molds.

Custom Mold Making Custom Mold Making

Wood veneers are stick together using a strong glue and they need to be rapidly inserted into the mold, where they will spend 24 hours until the glue is perfectly dried and the part are perfectly “U” shaped. For this we need the mold to have several parts. The inner part is the one that shapes the sandwich, its geometry has to be perfect and the surface perfectly smooth and plain. Another part is used to press the wood veneers to adopt the curved shape. This also needs to be perfectly shaped, smooth and strong. There are also two flat pieces that press the straight lateral parts.

Custom Mold Making Custom Mold Making

Theses molds are made using solid pine wood we recycle from other projects, shaped by hand and finished carefully to be durable and accurate.

If you like this process and want to see the final objects, click here!

Custom Mold Making Custom Mold Making

Thank you for reading!


Rafael Fernández
Designer & Maker


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