Good design and success examples on Etsy marketplace

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We have to admit that when we thought about Etsy as an e-commerce solution for our products, we had the wrong idea of it being dedicated to arts and crafts, jewelry and fashion, that´s why we had an open account since 2010 but it wasn´t until the beginning of 2016, thanks to casual conversations with a successful etsy shop owner, that we opened our own shop and started uploading our products. Now, just three months later, we have a 20 products catalogue, our first orders from around the world and we can´t stop being surprised with the amount of likes, visits and consultations we have on our shop. It´s true that, as everything involving e-commerce, it´s very imortant to work daily in the SEO optimization and the presence of the shop. It requires a lot of effort and patience. You have to take care of listing titles, keywords and tags, good product descriptions and nice pictures and never stop to participate in community, forums and teams.. again, it demands patience but it´s worthy.

On Etsy, learning and continued efforts are mandatory. 

Another thing that surprised us by navigating Etsy was the amount and variety of good products and crafters, great unknown designers that own successful business worlwide, in a variety of product typologies, such as home decor, gadgets, furniture, parts, jewelry, etc. It´s awesome to have your shop visited by people around the world and how you find yourself shipping products to Canada, France, Germany or the United States.

Here there is a small selection of our Etsy findings that catched our attention because of their design, their crafting quality and their presentation. We focus our attention in this first post to what we define in our favorite listings as Objects are not just things identifying products that combine form, function and emotion. We hope you enjoy them!

Multifunctional table lamp
1. Lámpara multi-funcional de acero inoxidable. by RoKDesignStudio. A simple product, with an industrial style that is highlighted because its versatility. It can be used as a table lamp, fixed to the wall or hanging of the ceiling. RoKDesignStudio is a design studio based in the UK

Pan Mat

2. Pan Mat by GoldenBiscotti is a simple mat that we highlighted because it´s simplicity, neat design, the use of natural materials and the fine product finishing and presentation.  GoldenBiscotti is a swiss design firm that creates daily life products with a minimal and very refined style.

Concrete and wood stool

3. Stool – side table. by inoowdesign is a multifunctional product that can be used as a stool or side table. We like it because of its simplicity and the creative connection system between oak legs and white concrete top.. inoowdesign is a french design studio dedicated to create wooden products for home and they own a successful Etsy store.

Bike hooks

4. Bike hooks. by AlexaLethen are used, as the name suggests, to hang your bike on the wall to save space at home. A very simple and strong design made in steel. We like its simplicity and use of colors and the good photography.  AlexaLethen is a german designer, specializing in home design and her successful Etsy store is exclusively dedicated to bike hooks.

Ceramic planters

5. Ceramic small plant pot. by Noe Marin. We love how she mix ceramic´s sobriety with bright colors, even creating characters that come alive as plan pots, kitchenware, tableware or jewelry. Noe Marin is a spanish designer specializing in ceramics. We follow her work lon ago and she is another success case on Etsy.

Floating nightstand

6. Floating nightstand by Habitables. A great design work and the finest crafting by spanish brand  Habitables, that makes high quality furniture and succeed on Etsy with great sales numbers and thousands of followers.

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