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For ten days, from June 1st to 10th, it was a celebration of creativity, talent and design in the city of A Coruña. A gallery of decorated balconies in one of the most emblematic streets in the city downtown. An exhibition and sale event of decoration, object design and crafts that took place during June 7th, 8th and 9th. Everything, organized by Ana and Patricia from Taller & Co and their great team of collaborating companies, entrepreneurs and people, in a spectacular place located in María Pita Square.  All this and some other things make Espacio Abierto (open space in spanish) and there was Oitenta, participating as exhibitor, with colleagues such as:


Oitenta en Espacio Abierto


Our participation was forged a few months ago, in our dear Azcárraga Square, drinking some beers. I met Juan from Anasa and betweem him and Tais, both part of Espacio Abierto, they convinced me to sign up.

Later, during Sundays at Oitenta with Cuarto Pexigo, I met Ana and Patricia from Taller & Co and any hint of nerves / doubts faded.

The event began for us on friday morning. We worked placing our products in our designated space, with the inestimable help of Taller & Co, and we got to know all of the participants and collaborators. The space was very well decorated, all the pieces fit together and it was great to meet all the exhibitors. During the whole weekend we felt very well, like home.

On Friday at 8:00 pm the event opened its doors with live music, food, some wines and lots of people who came to meet us. There we were, greeting and meeting people until after 10 pm.


Espacio Abierto

Espacio Abierto


On Saturday we began at 11:00 and throughout the day we were dividing our attention between the work as exhibitor, explaining and talking with the public and the talks, masterclass and demonstrations that throughout the day taught:

  • GOC Creativos, an architecure and interior design studio that introduced their method through some project presentation.
  • Cenlitrosmetrocadrado, a design studio from Santiago de Compostela that also introduced their method through project presentation.
  • La Cacharrera Alfarería from Buño, made a demonstration with the potter’s wheel, creating pieces and letting the public try it.
  • Anaquiños de Papel made a demonstration about the process of creating their Origami lamps.
  • Estudio Variopinto she had the public hypnotized embroidering on photographs.
  • Macramé Compostela demonstrated her process by creating a planter.

And so, we spent the day talking and listening a lot…


Oitenta en Espacio Abierto


Sunday also began at 11: 00 and, at noon, there was a vermouth session that was funny, as it has to be a session vermouth… As on Saturday, we continue to pay attention to both our “position” and the talks and master classes, which on Sunday taught:

  • Irene Sanjuán doing live illustration of each exhibitor´s spot.
  • Idoia Cuesta explaining in a practical way the technique of chaos in basketry.
  • Nacu caligraphy applying her technique to decorate a piece of furniture.
  • Woodic explaining their process from 3D printing to handmade ceramics.
  • Floradeira explaining how to create flower beds

All talks and Masterclass were very nice and there were many people who spent the day learning everything they could!


Oitenta en Espacio Abierto


Again, a lot of people came tovisit and meet us. On Monday morning, we picked everything up early and “nothing had happened here”.

As conclusions of the weekend, my experience is very positive. I approached the event as a way to make myself known, to show what Oitenta does and I forgot a little (a lot) about to try to sell products, to focus on meeting interesting people and making contacts. This is a less quantifiable investment in the short term, but my feeling is great. Of these situations that, when you are immersed, you live … you do not know very well how many people you have spoken with, if the interest will be real… with the fatigue of being all day long working, but when it´s over it´s sad … I will repeat! in any way, but I think an event like that should not be missed! It serves both to charge batteries, and to meet many people with whom you can end up collaborating.

Thank you very much to all the people involved in the organization, to whom you came to know us and to those who are reading this ;)

Here there are some pictures of our place in the event. If you like any of our objects, you are just one click away from our online store.


Oitenta en Espacio Abierto Oitenta en Espacio Abierto Oitenta en Espacio Abierto Oitenta en Espacio Abierto Oitenta en Espacio Abierto Oitenta en Espacio Abierto


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