Eira wooden chair design

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Those who have studied product design, at some point would wanted to design a cool chair,because these are the frequently studied as examples of styles in the Design History, and are present in the main places in exhibitions, museums, fairs, etc. Famous designers are hired by big brands to design their chairs as Rockstar designers.

Silla de madera Eira

With this project we fulfill the dream of chair designing and in this project we tried to condense our way to understand good design, in which there aren´t superfluous elements and everything has a reason.

That´s why we wanted to design a simple chair, but making it confortable, beautiful durable and with a lot of presence. We explored the plywood material possibilities and limitations to shape Eira and give it its characteristic appearance, that comes from taking profit of plywood flexibility to make both the seat and the back comfortable.

The idea was to find a way to achive a soft seat without the need of using cushions or padded seats. We used plywood flexibility combined with body´s weight, to make the seat soft. This was important because we wanted Eira to be a chair to be seated in for a long time, reading, playing videogames, or waiting for the doctor´s appointment. Eira is the result of all this proccess!

Silla de madera Eira


Medidas: 80 x 75 x 80 cm

Materials: Plywood.

Finishing: Natural varnish.


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