Oitenta design studio & workshop

Design studio & Workshop

Oitenta’s design studio & workshop is located in a very special place in A Coruña’s old town, Ciudad Vieja, very close to where my grandparents used to live, by the Azcárraga Square that is, in fact, my favorite spot in the city. A combination of big green trees, old and beautiful buildings, cobbled pavement and a peaceful environment.

The neighborhood is very quiet with no traffic and it’s the perfect place for creative people, artists, small business, designers, entrepreneurs, architects, etc.

The building in which Oitenta is based, was built in 1949, the studio is located at the street level, it consists of a diaphanous space, with great natural lightning thanks to a large front window that points directly to the green Azcárraga square. The studio industrial style contrasts with the surroundings.


Oitenta design studio & workshop


The space is divided into zones with different purposes, using furniture to subtly separate areas. It’s still a work in progress, as it is Oitenta, therefore everything is light and portable because it will take time to see how the spaces uses evolve.

The entrance and the front is the area that has the better lighting and it’s intended to showcase objects, furniture, etc as a showroom, so design lovers can come and discover our work. It’s also the space where guest creators exhibit their work to people in our open doors sundays.

The room is divided in half, by a wooden shelf full of small objects and the design studio is behind it. That’s the brain of the studio, the area for sketching, designing, sketching again, meetings with clients and collaborators, do some crafts and package objects to be delivered worldwide. There is room for a small creative team.

The back is a closed area,  it’s the place, built by the previous tenants, where they had a photographic laboratory now adapted to be used as a workshop to experiment with materials and build Oitenta’s objects, new prototypes, custom objects and make our customer’s purchases. It has a small area to store materials, tools and a small bathroom too.