Design, originality and authenticity in that special gift

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When the occasion arises to make a gift, or to show someone how much you care, you have before you an opportunity and two options: do you want to get something that will have to do? Or take the chance and leave a mark? If your answer was a sound yes to the second option, what follows will interest you.

When choosing a significant present for a relative, or to pamper your staff or favorite clients on behalf of your company, your character and values should be part of the election, in order to max out the added value and make the memory everlasting.

Especially during sales or the Holidays season, in the streets as online we are swamped by products and bombarded with endless adverts selling dazzling international lifestyles with their hollow slogans. These brands represent mass consumerism and are destined to the general public; the kind for whom any gift will have to do. Amidst all the bestsellers and trendy names it is not easy to find that rare object which is truly special and reflects you personality, and yours only; an object with its own story about how it was made and where it was found, which you can tell. Most brands mass produce things, of higher or lower value, without a story to tell and thought to fit the broadest audiences, in this way encouraging mindless consumerism.

Beyond those mass marketed, fully industrialized brands there exists a world of small independent brands, new artisans, makers and designers who thanks to e-commerce and social media can also reach everyone, just like any multinational company. These brave ones seek not to fight the giants, but rather cater for a more sophisticated and demanding public who appreciates distinction and looks for a deeper connection with brands which share their worldview.

These are small businesses which lovingly create authentic and almost unique objects, and also care for their customers.

If you like us believe in a different consumption model, where what matters is not simply owning things, but really special objects with a history and a design full of character; if you relish connecting with brands, keeping a closer and more direct relationship with them, and learning about the origin of their products… Simply: if you like originality, you will love Oitenta.

Oitenta is an independent design studio located in A Coruña, a lovely city on the Atlantic coast in Northwest Spain. With deep care and lots of love, artisanal products are designed there with the intention of creating more than just things. Everyday objects made under the principles of functionality, character and a unique design.

These objects are made from natural raw materials, handcrafted and finished with natural paints, dyes, waxes and oils, such as nogalina, a natural dye obtained from the walnut shell.

Oitenta’s catalogue offers special decoration, illumination and organization objects to embellish your home, your workspace, and you leisure time, within an accessible and wide price range. You won’t run out of ideas for that special gift.

Oitenta’s products seek to build authentic rapport with design lovers. They tell the story behind their creation and artisanal making, a story of the fusion of modern design and traditional craftsmanship. These are objects concerned with ethical consumerism, with the idea of owning fewer things, but more special ones; and engaging the customer in the creative process of their custom made objects, tailored to their needs and personal taste. From those ideals our motto was born: Objects are not just things.

Are you looking for a present for a loved one? Are you in charge of purchasing a corporate gift? Leave a mark with Oitenta.