Carrycool brand image design

 In graphic design

This is a project we are currently working, that consist on, among other things, the creation of a new Galician brand with international and innovative vocation. It´s, for us, a great example of the variety of design solutions we can offer to entrepreneurs when we work closely with our collaborators in this kind of creative and innovative projects.

Carrycool brand was created to introduce into the market an Innovative product made in Galicia although it´s still “TOP SECRET”, we´ve launched the provisional landing page and the facebook fanpage so we can begin gaining audience.

Here we are introducing the branding design that conists, for now, in the logotype design and its corporate style manual, claim selection and the responsive html5 landing page. We will explain this project with further detail as soon as possible.

Carrycool logotype versions
Carrycool web design


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