Oitenta is an independent product design and crafting studio, located in A Coruña (Spain)

We are dedicated to making special handcrafted objects for design lovers, objects that blend contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship.

We work so that our products connect both with your needs, your values and your way of life. We work for those who share our philosophy in which what matters is not owning more things, but more special ones.

Studio & workshop/

When I started working in Oitenta and thinking about its future, one of my dreams was to have my own space. A mix of studio and workshop where I could cover the entire process of creating objects, experiment with materials and open doors to the public as a showroom, organizing special events and introducing the work of guest creators.

I was looking for something very specific, located in a very special place for me, so it took time.. but I’m finally here!

Oitenta studio & workshop
Rafael Fernández - Designer & maker

Rafael Fernández – Designer & maker/

When I was a kid I dreamed of becoming an inventor when I was an adult. I liked to use pieces of my toys to build strange devices, robots and rudimentary vehicles.

I ended up studying product design at the Elisava school of design in Barcelona, where I really discovered the world of design, the work of those famous designers and my vocation.

Then I decided that, in order to do what I liked the most, I’d have to found my own studio.

Our philosophy/

We understand design as a method to solve problems and everyday situations, through creativity. We think of good design as a combination of function, form and emotion in a formula that reflects that both functionality and aesthetics are important, but it’s the background what matters the most and makes an object be more than just a thing.

We love to work with natural materials and make them protagonists of our objects, respecting their properties and highlighting their natural beauty. We learn by working with them and we apply their lessons to our objects.

Our design philosophy - Handmade, natural and special